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How do I assign a task to my client?
How do I assign a task to my client?

Assign a task to your client

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Using the client portal, you can assign tasks directly to your client. This is particularly useful when you need your client to do something by a certain date.

For more information on the client portal, click here.

To assign tasks to your clients, follow the steps below:

1) Create or edit a Task.

2) Under "Assigned To", click the "Contacts" field.

3) Select your desired contact, and then click "Save".

Note: If you wish for your client to receive an email notifying them they've been assigned to a task, set "Email Assignees" to "Yes".

What happens now?

Your client will now see the task on their client portal. They can mark the task as completed as well as send a message associated to the task. The user assigned to the task will receive a notification once the client has marked the task as complete.


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