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Fixing Box file sync to my desktop stopped syncing files to your desktop.

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In rare occasions, the Box software you downloaded to your computer may stop synchronizing files online. This is not an issue with PracticePanther and is recommended to contact Box support for the best possible help for their software.

We have found that in some cases when the local box software stops syncing, it may be caused by a simple sync setting that is disabled from This guide will cover that part of the troubleshooting process.

1) Make sure box is running in your computer.

The first and easiest step to troubleshoot local box sync is to make sure that Box services are running in your computer.

Check your Window's task bar or Mac's menu bar for the Box icon. If you can't find it, it is not running and could be the reason why it is not syncing. Please find and run the program until you an see the application in the taskbar or menu bar.

2) Go to to manually enable sync to computer.

You need to make sure the folders you want to sync to and from your computer are enabled to sync in

Go to > Find and click the file option button > Properties > Sync to Computer.

3) If you are still having issues syncing to and from your computer, please contact Box support for more help.

Click here to go to's community support page.

This article was updated from the Box's official help support page and the original article can be found here.


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