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I already use Outlook, Quickbooks, Dropbox, and Excel. How will this help?

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Most lawyers have a similar setup to the one listed above (they either use Outlook, Gmail, or their iPhone calendar to keep track of emails, tasks, and deadlines).

These are actual real quotes from conversations with them:

  1. “We’re wasting too much time entering data in multiple programs.” “Billing takes an entire day once every month.”

  2. “I spend over 80% of my time doing back-end admin work.”

  3. “I spend most of my time managing my business and no time practicing law.”

  4. “I sometimes forget to add billable time after a phone call or court appearance.”

By using PracticePanther, these attorneys are able to consolidate everything into one easy to use software. Instead of tracking time with one method, then billing with another, sharing files with another, and creating tasks and events with another – they are able to do everything all-in-one, saving numerous hours each week.

Creating an invoice is as simple as clicking “Generate Invoice”. They can now grow their firms without having to worry about being unorganized. They can accurately track their billable hours or send flat rate invoices in seconds. They can find out if their clients viewed their invoice. They can share notes and files directly in the software. They can link their emails to see what everyone emailed the client about. They can finally work from anywhere using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Attorneys who use PracticePanther are getting more done, in less time, and are making more money. Most say it’s the best investment they ever made for their firm.

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