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What languages does PracticePanther support?
What languages does PracticePanther support?

For international customers with different languages or currency.

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How do I get PracticePanther in my language?

When you first sign up for our software, PracticePanther automatically detects your browser language and sends you an email to "Confirm your account" in your country's language.

Feel free to click here and manually change this setting any time.

What languages do we support?

1. Spanish is the main language that's been perfectly translated by professional translators.

2. We have "machine translated" other countries as well, such as Russian, German, French, Italian, and Dutch. These languages can be human translated however if needed, so please contact us and we will explain the easy process.

How do I edit an existing translation or request a new translation?

Send us an email ( with the language you want to edit, and we will get back to you right away.


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