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Managing more than one company and business on the software.
Managing more than one company and business on the software.

How do I use PracticePanther if I run multiple companies and businesses?

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First off, congrats on joining the entrepreneur club! If you run multiple companies and want to track your profit and loss for each and send invoices with different logos, our number 1 tip is to create a new PracticePanther account for each company. Please email your account manager for a discount on multiple accounts.

If you prefer to use just one, here is what we recommend:

  1. Do not add your logo or it will place it on every invoice

  2. Do not add your company details in the Settings page or it will place them on every invoice

  3. Click here to add a custom field for "Client Fields". Click "New" and for the Name, write whatever you like so you can customize each client for your businesses.

  4. Click here to create a new client. At the very end you will see your Custom Fields.

  5. Most important step - You should now be viewing your clients page. On top, click "Add Tags", then add your company name that is associated with this client.

  6. Click here to see all your clients. On the top you can now click the button to filter your clients by your different company names.

For any additional help, please contact us. Thank you!


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