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LabelSync tutorial

Sync your email with PracticePanther's LabelSync integration.

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Everything you need to know about LabelSync.

Email Integration allows you to seamlessly organize contacts, matters, and files between our software and your preferred email provider.

How do I sync my email?

1) To sync your email, go to your Settings and, under "Integrations", select "Email".

2) Turn "Enable Integration" to "Yes" and select your email provider. Enter your username and password, and then click "Save".

Who can I sync with?

3) Our software can sync with any IMAP enabled email provider, including (but not limited to) Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Exchange, Yahoo!, Office 365, and iCloud.

What happens when I sync my email?

4) Once you successfully sync your email, a folder will appear in your mailbox. When you drag an email into that folder, it automatically gets synced to the contact's page.

What happens now?

You can search for your email in the software for the Contact or Matter under the "Activities" tab.

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