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Creating and organizing your work activities

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Tasks allow you to create, organize, and track your work activities, and we make it easier than ever!


Creating new Tasks

1) Click "New", and then click "Task".

2) Fill out the desired fields click "Save" at the bottom. 

Note: All Tasks require a Subject and Assigned User. 

Note: You may use the green "New" in the upper right corner from inside a contact or matter to create a task. Doing so will automatically fill out the contact and matter fields, saving you time.

Assigning Tasks to your team or clients

To assign a task to a user or contact, simply search for their name or select it from the drop-down menu under "Assigned To". You can add as many users and contacts to the task as you would like.

Note: If "Email Assignees" is set to "Yes", the users that are assigned to the task will receive an email alerting them that they've been assigned to a task.

Setting Task specific reminders

To send a reminder to everyone assigned to the task, click "Add Reminder" when creating or editing the task and select the method (Email, Popup, or Text Message) and time (Minutes, Hours, or Days) from the reminder drop-down menu. You can set up to five reminders for each task.

Setup a task workflow

With our software, you can set up a workflow that will keep track of your tasks in the order they need to be completed. Using workflows, you can build an entire checklist of Tasks that you can then apply just once to any contact or matter. 

Click "Automation", and then click "Workflows".

You will now be on the "Workflows" page. From here you can create new workflows, as well as view and edit existing ones.

For more information on building and using workflows, check out our Workflows Tutorial.

Sync tasks with your favorite Calendars

You can easily sync your Calendar and tasks with Google or Outlook to make your life easier. Simply click on your name in the upper-right corner and click "Settings". Once in your settings, in the "Integrations" section, click "Calendars, Tasks & Contacts" and follow the instructions for the program you wish to sync.

For more information on syncing your tasks with Google, click here.
For more information on syncing your tasks with Outlook, click here.

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