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Contact type custom field tutorial
Contact type custom field tutorial

Linking contacts using contact custom fields for document templates.

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Required Plan: This feature, and custom fields in general, appear only on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

The contact type custom field is designed for people to add other contacts to a new contact/matter that they are creating. For instance, some attorneys need to add a spouse contact to the contact they are working with. You can do just that with contact type custom fields.

To take full advantage of contact type custom fields, please follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the "Custom Fields" page, or click on "New Custom Field" when generating a contact.

2) Name your field (Spouse), and select "Contact" in the "Type" drop-down menu.

3) Click "Save".

What happens now?

The drop-down menu of your new contact custom field lists all your contacts. You can search a specific contact by typing their name in the field. Select the contact from this list to link your contacts together.

Use Contact type custom fields for templates

Link contacts together using contact type custom fields and they can be used to pull linked contact names into templates! See below:

This allows you to be able to pull more information from the contact you selected for your contact type custom field, such as their address, phone numbers, and even other custom fields!


The logic code should look something like this, if you are trying to pull your linked contact's home phone number:


(The *wife* section of the placeholder is the title of the contact type custom field, which tells PracticePanther to apply the wife's phone number into the template.)


Pro Tip:

To learn how you can send invoices to multiple contacts using contact custom fields, check out this helpful article.

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