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How to Edit Your Profile in PracticePanther's Settings?
How to Edit Your Profile in PracticePanther's Settings?
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How to Edit Your Profile

Once logged in, click your name on the top right and click "Settings". There you can edit your name, email address, job title, time zone, gender, hourly rate, and contact information.

  1. First Name – Enter the new user’s first name.

  2. Last Name – Enter the new user’s last name.

  3. Job Title – Add the user’s title (CEO, President, Manager, "The Boss", etc...)

  4. Email Address – Include the work email address of this user.
 5. Hourly Rate – If you bill your clients by time, you may enter the rate that you typically charge your clients per hour.
 6. Time Zone – PracticePanther allows each user to have their own time zone. All dates in the system will be adjusted accordingly.

 7. Contact Information – Include any contact information for the user here.
 8. Save – After you’ve filled out your information, remember to click “Save”.


What is Security Role?

You can define whether or not a user is allowed to: create, view, edit, or delete clients and any related content (activities, invoices, uploads, payments, projects, time entries, reports, etc.)

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