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Stay in touch with your clients like never before with our client portal.

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Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding the client portal in PracticePanther. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below.


The client portal improves transparency and trust, leading to happier and more profitable clients! You can assign tasks to your clients, invite them to meetings or court dates, send them invoices, share files, send secure messages, and get paid.

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

Activate your client portal

1) Click on "Contacts", then select the contact you wish to add to your Client Portal and click the "Edit" button under their name.

2) Scroll down and move the slider for "Client Portal Access" into the "Yes" position.
3) Be sure to have an email address listed in our native email address field.
4) Click "Save". 

You have now activated a client portal for your contact!

What happens now?

After you've activated the client portal, your client will receive an email confirmation with instructions to create a login password. You can manage the information displayed on your client portal here

What the client portal looks like for your clients

The client portal and emails they receive are all white-labeled with your firm’s logo and colors. Once created, they will have access to view tasks, events, invoices and send secure messages and files.

Send secure messages to your clients

1) Click the "Send Message" button on your dashboard or from within a contact or matter.

2) Select the contacts you wish to message, write your message, then simply hit send.
Pro tip: You can also send attachments through a secure message.

Assigning a task or event to your client

1) Select "New Task" or "New Event" on your Dashboard, or within a contact or matter.

2) After filling out the details of the task/event, scroll down and, add the contact(s) in the "Select Contact(s)" box and click save.

Share files with your clients

You can share files with your clients by attaching the files to a secure message (see #3 for instructions on how to send a secure message). At the message screen, simply click the "Choose Files" button and select the file you wish to send!

Reminding clients about important deadlines with SMS and email reminders

While creating an event or task, click the "+Add a reminder" button and select the method (Email, Popup, or Text Message) and time of the reminder. Then just assign this task or event to your client, click save and the reminder will be sent when you requested!

Send invoices

If you're sending an invoice you've already created, simply click the "Send" button on the top-right of the invoice

If you're creating a new invoice, you need to fill out the invoice and click the "Preview email to client" button on the bottom left.

On the next page, fill out your email message and click the "Email" button

Get paid

Clients can pay electronically through PantherPayments! Not activated with PantherPayments yet? Click here to apply!

Once your account is active, there will be a Pay Now button on invoices for clients to make payments online. Click here for PantherPayments tutorials!

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