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Restore deleted items from the recycling bin.
Restore deleted items from the recycling bin.

Recovering your deleted information from the trash can.

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The Recycle Bin provides a safety net when accidentally deleting items. When you delete any of these items PracticePanther places them in the Recycle Bin. PracticePanther will even keep track of who deletes an item and when it was deleted. Items in the Recycle Bin remain there for 30 days or until you decide to permanently delete them from your account by emptying the Recycle Bin. These items can be undeleted and restored back to their original location. The Recycle Bin does not have a limit of how many items it can hold and will sort all items from most recent to oldest.

The Recycle Bin is located in the Settings page but will only be accessible to Admin Users. In order to prevent accidentally deleting items permanently in your Recycle Bin, create and re-assign user roles for your firm so that only Admins are able to access the feature. To assign and create new user roles, click here.

What can you recover?

  1. Contacts

  2. Matters

  3. Time Entries

  4. Expenses 

  5. Invoices 

  6. Payments 

  7. Tasks 

  8. Events 

  9. Notes 

  10. Call Logs 

  11. Emails 

What happens when items are deleted?

When you delete items in PracticePanther, they will be stored for 30 days, or until an Admin user permanently deletes them, in the Recycle Bin page. From there, an admin can restore previously deleted items to their original location or permanently delete them.

Things to note:

  • Permanently deleted items cannot be restored.

  • PracticePanther will keep a record of who deleted each item and when.

  • PracticePanther will also keep track of who is the last user to permanently empty the Recycle Bin and when.

  • When an invoice gets deleted, all time entries and expenses become billable again automatically.

  • Restoring an invoice will require you to set the time entries and expenses to Billed manually.

  • When a payment gets restored, it will be applied to the contact/matter as credit (Trust). You will need to click on New Payment to apply the credit to open invoices.


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