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OneLink Tutorial

Receiving payments from contacts in or outside of your PracticePanther account.

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With the new OneLink feature, you can receive payments from various contacts with one easy-to-setup payment link. Even clients who haven't been entered into PracticePanther yet can make payments to your firm with OneLink.

Note: OneLink can only be used with PantherPayments. To learn more about PantherPayments, click here.


Creating a new OneLink template

1) Click your name at the top right of the page, and open the Settings.

2) Click "OneLink" under "Invoices and Payments".

3) Click "New OneLink Template".

4) Set a name and if desired, set this as the default OneLink template. Under "ASSIGN NEW RECORDS TO", choose the name of the person you would like any new contacts to be assigned to. Multiple members of the firm can be chosen here.

5) Choose which bank account you would like payments to go into, and set a preset amount if you wish.

If you leave "REQUEST PRESET AMOUNT" to No, then clients can enter the amount they will pay. If you set it to Yes, then clients will have to pay the amount you have specified.

6) Set optional fields as desired.

  • Add A Personal Message: Adds a message at the top of the payment page for your clients.

  • Notes: Allows notes to be entered by the client, which will appear in the notes of the payment.

  • Matter ID: Allows a client to enter a specific matter ID in PracticePanther, so that their payment enters the correct matter.

  • Contact ID: Allows a client to enter their specific contact ID in PracticePanther.

7) Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Sharing your OneLink page with clients

1) Open the "OneLink" page in the Settings.

2) Click "Copy Link" next to the desired OneLink template.

What happens now?

The link to the OneLink payment page is now copied to your clipboard. You can paste the link into a message or email to send to a client. You can also embed this link into your website to be readily available to your clients to make payments.

Note: When clients make a payment through OneLink, they should enter the email address you have on file if they have already been entered as a contact into your account. Otherwise, they will be created as a new contact in PracticePanther.

To learn more about contact creation and how existing contacts should enter payments with OneLink, click here.


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