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eSignature Tutorial

Send documents with signature requests from one place.

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PracticePanther makes it easier to obtain signatures from clients!

eSignature allows users to send documents with signature requests directly to clients. Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you need to get up and running with our eSignature feature.

Prepare a Signature Request

  1. Navigate to “More” > eSignature

  2. Click on the “New eSignature Request” button.

  3. Select the contact/matter, add the document, select the order of the signers, and prepare the email that will be sent to the client.


    You can attach your OneLink Payment link to text in the "Email body" Field. You can check out the OneLink Tutorial here.

  4. Click “Prepare for Signing” to prepare the document that will be signed.

  5. You will be redirected to signature preparation page. Here you can add different fields that the signers will be able to fill out and complete.

  6. Send to Signers!

Document Fields

There are 3 field types that can be inserted into a document that will be sent to a client:

  • Signature Fields

  • Auto-Fill Fields

  • Standard Fields

Signature Fields, are the fields that are used for a client’s eSignature. This includes the signature field and the initial field.

Auto-Fill Fields, are fields that will be completed by the client as apart of signing.

Standard Fields, are fields that can be customized with other

To insert a field, select the desired field in the left-hand menu, and then double click on the document where you would like the field placed.

eSignature Status Page

You can view the status of your signature requests from the eSignature Page. Here you will be able to tell the status of the document, who has or has not signed the document, when it was created, and who it was created by.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How much does eSignature Cost? eSignature is included in the Business Plan subscription.

How do I access eSignature? Firm administrators have the ability to activate eSignatures in their PracticePanther settings. Once activated, eSignatures can be started on the new eSignature dashboard, or directly from a Contact or Matter.

Can anyone use eSignature? PracticePanther has eSignature-specific permissions available in account settings. Account administrators will have full control over which users will be able to send eSign requests, who they can be sent to, and if they can be downloaded, among other settings.

How many documents can I send in a month? eSignature in PracticePanther has no limit on the number of signature requests you can send.

Will I be notified when an eSignature occurs? All parties involved in the signing process will receive an email notification when a document is received, signed, and completed.


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