PracticePanther allows you to transfer funds between matters, as long as they’re assigned to the same contact.

Before starting, make sure you have available funds in the matter you'd like to withdraw from. To review how to see how much trust or credit you have for a matter, click here.

To transfer money between different matters or from a matter back to the contact, follow these simple steps:

1) Within the matter with available funds, click "New", and then click "Payment".

2) Click “Transfer Funds”.

3) Select the "Source Account" you are transferring from, and the "Matter" and "Destination Account" you are transferring to.

4) Enter the "Amount" you are transferring, and then click "Transfer".

What happens now?

You will now see two payments. The matter you transferred from will reflect funds being transferred out, and the matter you transferred to will reflect funds being transferred in.


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