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Deposit Online Payments to any Bank Account via Invoices
Deposit Online Payments to any Bank Account via Invoices

How to route online invoice payments to any Operating or Trust Account

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Note: The "Deposit to" feature can only be used with PantherPayments. To learn more about PantherPayments, click here.

For any firm with multiple bank accounts, you can now specify which bank should be linked with each invoice. We will deposit any online payments made on this invoice from your client into the bank account selected, even trust accounts!

To choose which bank account an invoice is paid to, please follow these steps:

1) While editing or creating a new invoice, you can link any bank account currently connected with PantherPayments. This includes all connected operating and trust accounts.

2) Save your invoice and email it to your client from PracticePanther, or save the PDF and email it as an attachment manually.

What happens now?

Your client will receive the invoice and easily make an online payment via Credit Card or eCheck. Once paid, the payment will be routed directly into the bank account linked on the invoice, standard processing times apply.

If the bank account selected was a trust account, your payment will be deposited into that trust account. The payment ledger for your client will reflect the trust payment, and automatically apply that trust payment to the invoice it originated from, reflected in the 3 payments you see listed below.


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