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Granting technician access

How to grant us technician access to your account.

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Sometimes, when an issue gets reported to our support team, the issue is specific and isolated to just your account. To investigate issues like this, our support team may ask you to grant us technician access so we can see the issue for ourselves without your firm having to waste time on the phone. 

To grant technician access, please follow the steps below:

1) In your settings page, click on "Security & Password" found on the left, or simply click here.

2) Scroll down and click on the blue "Grant Access" bubble seen below.

IMPORTANT: This is going to allow our technicians to temporarily access your account.  

What happens now?

A green bubble will appear letting you know the exact day and time the temporary access will expire. Technician access lasts exactly 1 week.

Note: You may click on the red "Revoke Access" button any time you would like. In order to extend the available time frame, simply revoke access and grant it once more if needed.

3) Finally, please contact our support team via the blue Intercom bubble found on the bottom right of your screen to let us know that you've granted us technician access and any additional details we me may need to investigate the issue.


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