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How do I add additional bank accounts in PracticePanther?
How do I add additional bank accounts in PracticePanther?

Adding additional bank accounts to your PracticePanther.

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PracticePanther gives you the ability to create multiple bank accounts. Users will now be able to add payments into any number of operating and trust accounts. Additionally, users will be able to run reports on each of these bank accounts separately, giving your firm full accounting capabilities right here in PracticePanther.

To set up multiple bank accounts in PracticePanther, watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below:

1) On the top of your screen, click "More", then "Bank Accounts".

This is your "Bank Accounts" page. You can easily see all accounts you currently have open on PracticePanther, as well as the amounts that are reconciled or not for each one. 

2) To add a new bank account, click "New Bank Account" found on the top right.

3) Add the name of your bank and select which type of account this will be. For your records, feel free to include additional bank account information below before saving.

What happens now?

When you go to make a retainer payment, you will have the option to pick from any of your existing bank accounts. 

Do custom bank accounts sync with QuickBooks Online?

Not unless you connect PracticePanther bank accounts to QuickBooks Online bank accounts. Custom bank accounts that are not matched with the QuickBooks Online bank accounts will not sync payments to QuickBooks. For help on connecting to Quickbooks Online, click here.

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