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Release Notes - June 7, 2023
Release Notes - June 7, 2023
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✋ = User Requested Feature

New & Exciting

  • 👪 Additional Invoice Recipients: Invoices can now be sent to multiple recipients by default, streamlining and automating the invoice sending process.

  • 📎 Default Invoice Template: A default invoice template can now be set for matters or contacts, adding flexibility for firms with multiple invoice templates to meet practice area, office, or client needs.

  • 📦 Default Workflow: A new default workflow template is now available for all firms, providing a jump-start in automating the client intake process.

  • 📃 Tags as Grid Columns: Matter and Contact tags are now available as exportable columns on all grids and reports.


  • Speed and consistency on navigation, searching and invoice generation has been improved.

  • ✋ Users can now save time by navigating to Intake Form Templates directly, instead of going to Intake Form results by default.

  • Addressed an intermittent issue where an unexpected null error was encountered on the Sale Document Template screen.

  • A bank's type can no longer be changed between Trust and Operating.

  • Private matter info remains private even when viewing it through related Time Entries or other records.

  • Invalid file types will no longer be accepted by the eSignature and Activity file uploaders, including .msi and .zip files.


  • ✋ Header text on invoice templates will no longer automatically pluralize the words redundantly. It will now match the invoice template's input.

  • Evergreen replenishment payments through PantherPayments now distribute remaining funds between trust and operating accounts after applying the retainer.

  • The carry forwarded balances of previous invoices that appear on invoice PDFs now update as expected when payments are made to the older invoices.


  • In order to improve the data quality of financial record keeping, the Payee field is now required on all outgoing payments.

  • Users can now transfer funds between matters.


  • Fixed an issue with Task Due Dates syncing with Outlook and Lawmatics, resolving a one-day discrepancy.

  • Matters will now sync to Lawmatics as expected.

  • LawToolBox has had several changes made that will improve performance and stability.

  • The Zapier integration has been improved for performance and stability.


  • In order to meet regulatory standards, a new field for ‘Average Monthly Transaction Volume’ has been added to the PantherPayments signup process.


  • The Time Entries by User report now displays one time entry per user.

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