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How to Use Saved Reports
How to Use Saved Reports

How you can save the columns and filters of grid views.

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What are Saved Reports?

Saved reports is a feature in PracticePanther that allows you to save a grid view’s column and filter arrangement. This allows you to quickly access that view again in the future.

Saved reports is currently active on the Modern Matters grid. Try it now and let us know what you think.

Note: Saved Reports will be coming to other grids soon!™️

This feature will soon be added to:

  • Contacts grid

  • Time Entries grid

  • Modern Payments grid

Saving a Report

1) Set filters and grid columns as needed. Click on the ‘Saved Reports’ button at the top of the grid. Then select ‘Save Current Report.’

2) A new window will open where you will choose a name and description for your report.

What Happens Now?

Once saved, you will be able to view your reports either through the dropdown menu, which shows reports of the same grid type as selected.

You can also view Saved reports on the ‘Saved Reports’ page. This page is accessible either through the ‘All Saved Reports' selection on the Saved Reports menu, or by navigating to the Reports tab on the navigation bar and viewing the ‘Saved Reports’ section.

If you have a Saved Report that is no longer needed, it can be deleted from the Saved Reports view on the Reports page.

Sharing & Saving Saved Reports

Once a report has been saved into your library of Saved Reports, you can save the link for later usage, or share it with teammates to give them access to your saved report.

To do so, you simply need to copy the URL at the top of the saved report

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