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The Modern Matters Grid

A basic walkthrough of the new Matters page update!

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This article will provide a basic guide on how to navigate and use the new Matters view in PracticePanther. The new layout and view improves ease of use and offers more versatility and flexibility in viewing your Matters. There are also some excellent new features available:

Saved Reports (NEW!)

This is a brand new feature being rolled out with the Matters view, the Saved Reports feature. This will allow you to add and save already set filters and sorting options that can be applied at the click of a button! Click on the "+" icon to save your current view. The search bar will allow you to pull up a specific saved report, or you can click on the "All Saved Reports" option to take you to the Saved Reports list directly.

To learn more about our Saved Reports feature, click here!

To see some examples of saved reports that will help your business, click here!

Bulk Actions Button

The Bulk Actions button will only be available once at least one or more Matters are selected via the checkboxes to the left of each Matter in the list.

  • The Edit option will allow you edit certain settings for the Matters selected

  • Archive will set all the selected Matters to the "Archived" status

  • Apply Workflow and Apply Template will allow you to apply either already created workflows or document templates to the selected Matters

  • Invoice will allow you to jump to the Multiple Invoices option so the selected Matters can be invoiced

  • Delete will remove the selected Matters and send them to the Recycle Bin

Row Actions Button

The Row Actions Button, which can be found to the right of the batch checkboxes on the Matter list, will offer all the major functions tied to Matters at the click of a single button!

Export Option

The Export Option will allow you to pull data from PracticePanther directly in either CSV or PDF format. They will prompt you over whether you want to export just what you're looking at (View), or everything (All). This will allow you to perform regular record-keeping and allow running reports with data outside of PracticePanther. We recently updated our CSV exports to be able to pull 10,000+ items!

Columns Toggle

The Columns Toggle will allow you to manually set what columns are visible on the Matters view. You can individually set what you would like to see, whether that be financials, open and close dates, or Statute of Limitations dates. We also have options to simply enable or disable all columns from the main view. The Reset to Default option will set your columns back to the system default. Columns selected will be saved between sessions and as a part of the Saved Reports feature.


Advanced filtering allows you to select multiple dimensions by which you can filter down to view exactly the matter records you need. These filters will be saved between sessions and as a part of the Saved Reports feature.

Assigned To Dropdown

The Assigned To User Dropdown will allow you to sort your Matters based on the specified user. You can also sort via User Groups. Much like the Contact Dropdown, you can type in the name of the User or User Group and it will allow you to jump to it directly.

Status Dropdown

The Status Dropdown will allow you to sort your Matters by the status they currently have set, allowing you to see only the Matters with the designated status. We have color coded these so they are easier to differentiate at a glance.

Contact Dropdown

The Contact Dropdown will allow you to sort your Matters based on the Contact selected. The field at the top will allow you to type the name of the Contact and jump to it directly, in lieu of scrolling to find it.

Tags Filter

The Tags Filter will allow you to be more granular with how tags are sorted. You can set it so that it will show Any, which will show everything with the tags you put into the Tags Dropdown. None will make it so that none of the tags selected will be visible. Matters without Tags will only show Matters that have no tags tied to them, and All will show every Matter with that set tag, even if it has other, irrelevant tags. Once you've selected the option you want to use, you'll be prompted to set the Contact and Matter tags you'd like to see.

Created Date Filter

The Created Date Filter allows you to set specific date ranges for when Matters were created. This should allow for more versatility in tracking when cases began, allowing for better tracking of trends and other relevant use-cases.

Hopefully this guide will be able to help you get a basic and familiar understanding of the new Matters view, and will allow you to better make use of it and get as much out of it as possible for you and your firm!


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