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Release Notes - March 21, 2024
Release Notes - March 21, 2024
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Hi Panthers!

Lots of exciting changes in this week's release: a Clone Time Entry feature, significant enhancements to the Multi-Matter Invoice flow, performance enhancements for invoicing, and more!

βœ‹ = User Requested Feature

New & Exciting

  • βœ‹ Clone Time Entry - A new option to create a new time entry based on an existing time entry's data is now available, saving you time when creating multiple records with similar information.

  • Multi-Matter Invoice Flow Update - This workflow has been modified to significantly increase performance and save users time and effort by automating steps including pre-filtering to 'Billable' and providing the option to generate as one or many invoices.


  • The performance of generating invoices with many line items has been significantly improved, making it faster and easier to create many large invoices.

  • Addressed an issue where an Invoice's Approval status would occasionally revert when editing an invoice.

Time Entries

  • Addressed a rounding issue when tracking seconds of time on Time Entries.


  • Printing checks in batch now properly numbers them sequentially, addressing an issue that would sometimes produce duplicate check numbers.


  • Formatting on emails synced to PracticePanther via Mailsync is now retained.

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