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How do I refund credit, trust, or retainer to my client?
How do I refund credit, trust, or retainer to my client?

Refunding credit to client from their trust, or retainer account.

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When refunding your client, you will either refund a payment they made to an invoice or refund them directly from their trust or operating retainer.ย 

To refund a paid invoice, click here.

To refund your client from their trust/escrow or operating retainer, please follow these simple steps:

1) In any contact or matter with available trust or credit, click the green "New" button, then click "Payment".
โ€‹Note: Make sure you are refunding from the level that the funds are being held at ex. contact level or matter level.

2) Click "Take Money Out".

3) Fill out the payment details. Be sure to select the correct account you'd like to refund their retainer from.

4) Select your client from the "Payee" drop-down list. If you'd like to print a check for this payment, make sure "To Print" is marked "Yes" and follow this guide on how to print checks in PracticePanther.

What happens now?

You can now view the refund under the contact or matter payments tab:


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