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Customized Commission Reports using Tags
Customized Commission Reports using Tags
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PracticePanther tags can be used in a multitude of ways when it comes to slicing and dicing your data. Leveraging tag filtering on the Originating Attorney Report exponentially expands how your firm can award out monthly, quarterly or annual commissions.

Before continuing, be sure you're brushed up on how to create and utilize tags by following this tutorial, and make sure you're familiar with how best to utilize the Originating Attorney Report here. Otherwise, if you're already a tagging wizard, read on!

To create customized commission reports using tags, follow these simple steps:

1) When creating or editing a matter, give it a very specific tag to signify this matter will follow a special commission structure that is out of the ordinary. 

In the example below, we've tagged this matter as being a 70/30 split between the lead attorney and the supporting staff for this case, where ordinarily our firm's typical commission structure may be 60/40.

2) Save the matter with the new commission tag.
Note: Once the tag is made once, it can be easily picked from this field for any matters moving forward.

3) Open the Originating Attorney Report found here.
4) Click on the "Tags" filter.

5) Make sure the "Filter By" drop-down is set to "All" as seen below.
6) Within the "Matter Tags" field, select one of the special commission tags you had setup previously on your matters.
7) Click "Filter".

What happens now?

The Originating Attorney Report will only show payments stemming from matters that were setup with the special commission tag chosen. This will allow you to confidentially calculate the bottom lines of each column against the commission percentage desired.

What's next?

Once you are done finding the calculations for each special type of commission structure you have set up, we can run one simple report to find all the remaining payments that follow your firms ordinary / most common commission structure.

To easily filter your report to show you all regular commission matters:

1) Click on the "Tags" filter.
2) Change the "Filter By" drop-down to "None".
3) In the "Matter Tags" field, select all specialized commission tags you've created for your firm.
4) Click "Filter".

What happens now?

The Originating Attorney Report will filter out all of the specialized commission matters with the tags you've selected to hide. This will leave your firm only with the matters that you consider "Ordinary", allowing you to calculate whatever you have set as the most common commission structure against these totals.


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