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What does the Client Portal look like to my clients?
What does the Client Portal look like to my clients?

Your clients view once logged into the Client Portal.

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The client portal and emails they receive are all white-labeled with your firm’s logo and colors. After adding a contact to the client portal, they will receive an email to create a login. Once created, they will have access to view tasks, events, pay invoices electronically and send secure messages and files.

To get a clear idea of what the client portal looks like to your clients, check out this video or the screenshots below:

The Client Portal will show the following sections to clients:

Activities: Tasks and events that have been assigned to your clients.

Invoices: Invoices sent by email to your clients will be visible and payable in the client portal.

Payments: If you allow access, clients will be able to see payments they have made to your firm.

Secure Messages: Messages sent between you and the client.

Files: Clients can send files through here if you use Box. For more information, click here.

Under Secure Messages, your clients can view and send new messages as needed. They can click an existing message thread to open it and view past messages or send a new message in the thread.

Under Invoices, your clients can view and pay invoices if you are using PantherPayments.

Once an invoice is opened, your client will see the invoice details, and a "Pay Now" button at the top and bottom of the invoice. Clicking the button will allow the client to specify the amount they are paying on the invoice.

After choosing an amount and clicking "Make a Payment", your clients are able to pay their invoices using one of three separate methods:

1) Credit Card: Enter simple credit card information including their name, card number, expiration date, CVV code and billing ZIP code.

2) eCheck via Bank Account Sign-in: Clients can simplify the process by simply logging into their bank account online and choosing which account to pay from. Please have them follow these simple steps:

Click "Link Bank Account".

Select the bank account name in the list or search for it and then select it.

Then, enter the credentials to the bank account and click "Submit".

Your clients can then choose the appropriate checking or saving account to make the payment from and click "Continue" to link it. This method will also reduce the risk of chargebacks as the user can review the bank balances for each account, ensuring they have the funds to cover this payment!

3) eCheck via Account & Routing Numbers: If your client does not have an online account to log into their bank, they can also choose to manually enter the routing and account numbers of their bank to make an online payment.

Note: With all online payment method types, your clients can also click the checkbox at the bottom to save their payment method for your firm's future use.

After your client clicks "Pay Now" to make the payment, they will receive a payment receipt email with the details of the payment they made. The receipt will be emailed to the email address you have on file for the primary contact. eCheck payment receipt emails will be sent after they are finished processing which may take up to 3 business days.


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