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Custom fields tutorial

Creating and using custom fields.

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Required Plan: This feature is available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

PracticePanther allows you to create "custom fields" in the software, allowing you to create fields that your firm would specifically add information into, regardless of what area you practice in.

Please watch this video or follow the steps listed below:

1) Go to the "Custom Fields" section in your Settings.

Here you can create fields in company, contacts, or matter to fit the needs of certain cases or clients.

2) Create individual fields as needed.

You can create as many custom fields as you like for all of your contacts and matters. We'll make some custom fields for a car accident claim.

Note: If you want the field to only show for certain cases, choose the "No" option for
"Always Visible?". Selecting "

Note: "Show column in list view" will allow you to add a searchable column on reports pages for "All Contacts".

Create as many as necessary for your cases to appear at either the contact or matter level.

Pro tip: You can change the order of the custom fields by dragging and dropping them. 

3) Create a group for your fields. You can group your custom fields together to use as you need them. Just click the "Custom Groups" tab and select where you'd like to place the group.

You can learn more about custom groups, here.

4) Add custom fields to your groups. Choose all the custom fields you would like to have as part of your group. Don't forget to give it a name. Most commonly, this name will be the type of case you'd like to use these fields for.

5) Add your custom field group to your matter, client, or contact. When you go to the "New Matter" or "New Contact" pages, click on the "Custom Fields" drop down list to add any of the custom fields or groups you'd like.

What happens now?

Now you can add all the information for your case without having to wade through unnecessary fields!

What else can I do with custom fields?

1) Automate your documents using Document Templates.

2) Automate your client intake process using Intake Forms.

3) Link contacts to each other using contact type custom fields.


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