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Release Notes - February 8, 2024
Release Notes - February 8, 2024
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Hey Panthers!
This week's release features a very exciting update: Saved Reports!

Experience efficiency and convenience with Saved Reports on the new, advanced Modern Matters Grid. This feature allows you to effortlessly save, access, and share your key grid configurations, saving you both time and effort.

If you want to learn more about the Modern Matters Grid or Saved Reports, check out these articles:

New & Exciting

  • Modern Matters Grid

    • An updated view is available for the Modern Matters option, improving speed, usability and stability

    • Personalize your columns and filters which are now remembered across sessions, saving time when setting up your preferred view

    • Create and edit records easily through the new, streamlined user experience

    • 🌟 Export grid spreadsheets (.csv) faster and more easily than ever before, making it simple to access your data for manipulation outside of PracticePanther

  • Saved Reports

    • Enhance your regular routine by saving and accessing your customized report views, tailored for tasks you perform on a regular schedule

    • Remember filters, columns, and sorting preferences, enabling you to easily craft and reuse reports for specific tasks or metrics

    • Share these reports with other users on PracticePanther with a reusable URL

    • This feature is coming to other grids soon!ℒ️


  • New error 404/504 pages have been introduced which provide clarity on the cause of the error and suggested subsequent steps


  • βœ‹ A 'Complete' button is now available on Tasks in the Calendar view, significantly simplifying the task completion process.

  • Email files (.msg) can now be attached to Activity records

  • Outlook emails synchronized with PracticePanther will maintain correct formatting when adding a tag to the email

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