On PracticePanther, to generate a Pre-bill simply generate and save an invoice. This "Saved" invoice is your Pre-bill that you can print out, review, and adjust as needed.

A Pre-bill is not considered "Finalized" until you've sent the invoice to your client. 

To learn how to generate invoices, follow this guide.

1) To edit an existing pre-bill, open the invoice, and click on the blue pencil at the top of the invoice. 

2) To edit an existing line-item on an invoice, click on the pencil on the left side of the line item. 

Note: If you edit line-items by double clicking on the fields in the invoice, it will only edit the invoice, not the time-entries/expenses in the matter and or contact. 

3) When clicking on the "+ Time Entry" button, you have two options:

1. New Line Item - this will generate a new item on the invoice only, but not in the matter and or contact. 

2. New Time Entry - this will generate a new time entry on the invoice, and log it in the matter and or contact as well (just like any other regular time entry). 


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