Below is a list of new features from 2021! Enjoy!

January - OneLink Payments

February - Kenect Integration and Updated Messaging

March - Speeding up PracticePanther

May - The launch of eSignature


eSignature General Availability

With our eSignature feature now released to the public, PracticePanther users on the Business plan can create, send, and sign documents for electronic signature directly from within PracticePanther. To learn how to activate eSignature, and for a list of FAQs, head to our eSignature tutorial.

A Quicker Matters Grid

Our engineers worked to improve the speed of one of our most-used features, the Matters grid. Users should now see faster load times and a smoother working environment when updating information within the Matters grid.

Batch Reporting in PantherPayments

Users who are enrolled in PantherPayments now have the ability to download the most recent batch transaction fee & eCheck deposit reports in their accounts. PantherPayment's users will start getting charged for eCheck and credit card transaction fees once a month instead of on a per payment basis. You’ll still get the pricing transparency you’ve come to expect from PantherPayments — our flat credit card pricing is not changing and you’ll be able to see real-time fee calculations on your PracticePanther payments reports. You’ll also be able to download a monthly report of all eCheck and credit card transaction fees for the month of May beginning June 1, 2021 (and every month thereafter). Learn more!


Speeding up PracticePanther

We launched a back-end development effort focused on improving the speed and performance of PracticePanther. We are laser-focused on ensuring all our clients have a seamless experience each time they log into the app, and this effort is focused on ensuring you and your team can access any and all information in PracticePanther swiftly.


Updated Integration with Kenect and Better Messaging Experience

Text messages sent through Kenect that are already associated with a Contact or Matter are now displayed in the appropriate Contact and Matter grids within PracticePanther. Additionally, users can now quickly tell if a message was sent via Kenect text messaging or secure messaging through PracticePanther.


OneLink Payments

With the new OneLink payments feature, you can receive payments from various contacts with one easy-to-setup payment link. Even clients who haven't been entered into PracticePanther yet can make payments to your firm with OneLink.

Learn about customizing your OneLink experience today, and enjoy a smoother collection process tomorrow.

Pay by Account and Routing Numbers

For PantherPayments users, clients now have the ability to pay with a myriad of payment methods. Since PantherPayments was released, clients could pay with a credit card or by securely connecting a checking or savings account via Plaid. Now, clients can merely enter their account and routing numbers when making a payment, which is most helpful for clients who have that information easily accessible!

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