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How to Share Saved Reports
How to Share Saved Reports

How you can share Saved Reports with other users.

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PracticePanther's Saved Reports feature empowers users by saving you time and effort when creating and accessing grid views you use regularly. Easily sharing these reports among firm members saves time, yields valuable insights, and increases overall productivity. This article will explore a couple of methods for sharing Saved Reports.

When sharing the saved report, please note that user roles will influence what each user can view. To gain a deeper understanding of user access roles, please click here.

Sharing a Saved Report

After saving a report in your Saved Reports library, you can preserve the link for future use, or distribute it to teammates for easy access. Simply copy the URL in the address bar located at the top of your browser when viewing the desired saved report to proceed.

Once you have copied the URL, you can paste the URL link and email it to a user in your firm or you can send it to another user via PracticePanther's internal chat. You can also bookmark a Saved Report in your browser to access it quickly whenever you need.

Note: To learn how to enable PracticePanther Chat, please click here. To learn how to bookmark a PracticePanther page, click here to learn more.

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