January- Flat Fee Activity Logging & Reporting Enhancements
February-  Conditional Tasks & Workflows
March- Automatic Duplicate Contact Check
April- PracticePanther / Kenect Contact Sync

April, 2020

PracticePanther / Kenect Contact Sync

This integration allows PracticePanther users to communicate with clients directly through text messaging via the Kenect platform. We are now live with a 2-way contact-sync integration. Clients who have signed up with both PracticePanther and Kenect can utilize this integration.

We invited PracticePanther customers to join us and our partner, Kenect, for a 45-minute webinar that demonstrated how text messaging can: 

  • Streamline the intake process and save hours of time wasted with phone tag and voicemail
  • Get leads from your website
  • Integrate your contacts with PracticePanther to allow for seamless text messaging
  • Schedule consultations, send appointment reminders, and share updates

To watch the PracticePanther / Kenect webinar and see how to get the most out of this integration, click here!

March, 2020

Automatic Duplicate Contact Check

Duplicate contact information is a thing of the past. PracticePanther's Automatic Duplicate Contact Check will run every time you save a new contact. Save time having to consolidate duplicate contacts after accidentally working in them separately. Make your firm virtually duplicate proof as PracticePanther takes your conflict checks to the next level.

Learn how to enable Automatic Duplicate Contact Check in your account.

February, 2020

Conditional Tasks & Workflows

Conditional workflows keep track of what’s coming next so you don’t have to. Tasks won’t appear on the agenda until they’re relevant or doable, which happens only when the previous task completes. Your agenda will only show what’s actionable now.

Conditional Tasks are dependent on each other, and can be chained together on the fly. 

Use Conditional Workflows to pre-plan your Conditional Tasks — and normal tasks too! Once you're done building your workflow, save it to apply it to a Contact or Matter. 

Learn how to declutter your agenda with conditional workflows. You'll never have to guess a due date again!

Track deletion and restoration in the activity feed of any item.

PracticePanther now adds notes to the activity history of deleted items and items that have been restored from the recycle bin.

January, 2020

Easily See the Global Search Bar

No matter which page you're on, the global search bar will always stand out. The color of the global search bar matches the color of your top header bar.

Sync Check Numbers to QuickBooks

When a check payment is made in PracticePanther, the QuickBooks Online integration will automatically identify and receive the check number.


View Pending Invoices in the Productivity Report

Filter Productivity Reports to include or exclude pending invoice totals from the billed sections of the report.

Filter by Assignees in A/R Aging Reports

Filter A/R aging reports by the owner of a contact or matter to identify who at the firm is more or less efficient at getting invoices paid. 

Log Flat Fees from the Activities View

Log and track flat fees associated with your activities, and glimpse which activities have not yet been applied with flat fees.

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